Everything worked without delay and to perfection. The city is beautiful and the restaurants is worth the hole trip.

Group Coreworkers

The client had a great time, the food and wine was lovely, and the views and service was also excellent!

Bard Company

Everything went fine, you give a fantastic good service. It is a pleasure working together with you.

Sjaelso Group

Athens very nice city. Excellent hotel. People very helpful and service minded. I will recommend Athens for such meetings.

Pronova Biocare

All your employee have acted professional. A special thanks to Euroland for their sincere care for us as people and customers


Meeting went very well, hotel was cozy and everything functioned as planned. Client gave very positive feed back.

Nokia EA meeting

Very good feed back from Athens: everything functioned more than well – both in hotel as co-operation with local agent. Part of the team was skeptic in the beginning if Greece should work well, but in the hotel everything worked, I mean really everything. Also most of the time the local agent was on the spot. Folks were very satisfied. We recommend it to others as well!


Our stay in Athens was perfect, the meeting was a success and the excursion in Aegina island was fantastic! You are a very good organizer.

Group SKAL

During EADV at Rhodes…we needed help to change hotel, move luggage, organize transportation from the congress center and to Lindos, reserve places to eat, change menu and organize Scandinavian Corner for two days. All these arrangements were taken very good care by Euroland which had control of the situation all the times…

We are very satisfied that we could have Euroland during our whole stay at Rhodes. We could call  at all times and were always positive to us. Without them our stay would not have been as good as it became.

Schering Plough